Pleasure Communism | Vera Rubin


January 8 - 31, 2018 | White Gallery

Reception and Artist Talk: Thursday January 11 | 6 - 8pm

Curated by Andrew D. Jankowski

Pleasure Communism is an installation that explores new visions of love and connection in and out of a dying world. Part visual art, sculpture, and polemic, Pleasure Communism seeks to place itself at the table in conversations surrounding the violence of liberal individuality, the radical nature of the underground, the revolutionary potential of the collective consciousness, and the imagining of a liberating cyborg future. Pleasure Communism has been informed by the love and lessons learned from seedy backrooms of nightclubs, the pits of chronic trauma and despair, inside trance states, outside in the desert. Step inside, the pain is over.

Vera Rubin is an visual artist and musician residing in Portland, OR. Her weekly radio show Shadow Cruising focuses on dark, experimental, avant-garde and techno music. She has worked with artists such as Hercules and Love Affair, Silent Servant, White Visitation, and Light Asylum. Her visual art has been featured across the country in various nightclubs and underground galleries. She is a self-taught artist, autodidact, and anarchist. Listen more at

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