Camp Here Tonight , Wynde Dyer, et al., October 2016

Camp Here Tonight, Wynde Dyer, et al., October 2016


The Littman and White Galleries are student-run exhibition spaces at Portland State University. Our mission is to provide the tools for a critical experience of visual culture through direct exposure to a comprehensive program of contemporary art for students and community members. We envision the Littman and White Galleries as centers for cultural enrichment where an indispensable art experience is accessible to all perspectives and levels of education.

We value the educational experience made available to Portland State students and the broader community by the work of this organization. This includes the invaluable vocational opportunities available to the members of this organization. We value diversity in artists, media and opinions. We value sustainable work practices to ensure maintenance and security for the future of this organization. We also value the relationships built between the gallery, the university, and the regional creative community.

Our aesthetics are focused on contemporary art practices. Our programming reflects the contemporary art community by incorporating guest curators, auxiliary exhibitions, and large events taking place on campus. Our goal is to present work that challenges our audience both conceptually and visually. By focusing on emerging and mid-career artists, we aim to present burgeoning trends in contemporary art that can be accessible to anyone. We see our exhibitions as educational, timely, and contextually relevant.