Unnaming Permissibility… | Chloe Alexandra Thompson


June 5–July 18, 2015 | White Gallery

Reception: Friday, June 5, 2015 | 4–8pm

Curated by Cass Ray

Unnaming Permissibility considers the so-called “promise” of new media, its interconnection to personal and cultural history and contemporary states of being. This instigates a question of death, or the possible denial of one’s own demise via investigations of personal time lines, histories and trail marking on social media. I am interested in the possibility of both positive and negative ramifications, both emotionally and physically; especially those that occur alongside communication between inter-generational gaps towards a level of intimacy and connection to a past. What the work seeks to address is a period of grief or possible nostalgia that I have witnessed while studying these topics.

Chloe Alexandra Thompson is a Canadian artist living in Portland, Oregon. Currently she is a student at Portland State University studying Psychology with a minor in Indigenous Studies. She has shown work in Vancouver, BC, producing text, sculpture, photography, painting, and film. During spring 2015, Thompson was resident artist at the Littman & White Galleries’ Storage Unit Residency program. Refining modes of production and research during this time, she has produced a book of text and images with Publication Studio, which will be officially released through record label Blankstairs.