The Lines Along Which Anything Lies | Laura Hughes


November 7 – December 4, 2014 | Littman Gallery

Reception: Friday, November 7, 2015 | 5–8pm

This installation incorporates light and reflective materials to navigate dimensional relationships between the gallery’s interior and the movements of viewers. Color and light pronounce, shift, and conceal physical properties of surface and space, steering notions of boundary and illusion into various stages of visibility as planar interactions emerge, fold and collapse.

Laura Hughes is a visual artist based in Portland, OR, who creates site-specific installations that investigate how light, form and space surround and shape one another in our perceptions. Often directly responding to the given features of architectural space using light, paint, or reflective surfaces, she amplifies and enhances fleeting instances of illumination that are usually overlooked.

[Canada Council for the Arts]

Photo documentation by Evan La Londe