RAW DATA | Kevin Holden

August 8– 31, 2016 | White Gallery

Reception: Wednesday, August 10, 2016 | 6–8pm

Curated by Maggie Heath

RAW DATA is a reflection on the mediation of desire through the stimuli that triggers it. Considering desire through its virtual construction, the artist sources images from the internet that are then processed through digital audio editing software to glitch them, creating unique sonic data that is then projected into the space. This process of destroying and recomposing images not only negates the original objects, but subverts and recontextualizes the very acts of looking and perceiving.

Kevin Holden is an interdisciplinary artist with an interest in photography, images, sound, and gesture. Recently, he has presented his work as part of Secant, a multidisciplinary collaboration and performance with dance and sound performers. He has exhibited his work at the Tailgate-Based Art Festival with the Bronco Gallery, the Archer Gallery, and the Daniel J. Evans Library at The Evergreen State College. He is currently completing his undergraduate studies at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.