Labor Demo | Nicholas Zhu


February 11, 19 + 22, 2017 | White Gallery

Reception: Sunday, February 19 | 3–5 pm

Curated by Carlin Brown

LABOR DEMO is the setting of a stage, except there isn’t a delusion of neutrality. Like the brand of cables used or light rig design, the installation of LABOR DEMO is a machine operating at a “minimal” functioning level, awaiting the performer to arrive.

LABOR DEMO is the performance of being a human being using digital technology. It is the Skype call, the video edit session, the live DJ set, the powerpoint presentation.

LABOR DEMO is expended at the cost of our bodies as we attend and view, at the cost of the environment that is destroyed with the production of its components, at the cost of the institution and pocket of the artist.

Nicholas Zhu is five foot five, approximately one hundred and fifty pounds. He is of Asian descent, socioeconomically insignificant, and in poor health.

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