Into the Trees | Nicole Baker


February 3–25, 2016 | White Gallery

Reception: Wednesday, February 3, 2016 | 6–8pm

Curated by Cass Ray

Into the Trees explores the collision between the natural world and humanity through the artificial re-creation of a patch of forest utilizing video projection and sculptural tree forms. The artist seeks to deconstruct the exploitation of ourselves and the world we inhabit, offering a space to reflect upon the fleeting nature of perception and control.

Created through direct animation on 16mm film, with hand colored found footage of trees, a hallucinatory video recalls breezy days under a leafy canopy. This video is projected onto a screen composed of tightly arranged tree sculptures, the projection falls on and through the sculptures, as the sun does upon the forest.

Nicole Baker earned her BFA in film from the Savannah College of Art and Design before relocating to New York City, where she spent several years as an artist’s assistant to Amy Greenfield and Jeffery Inaba, among others. In March 2016 Nicole will present a massive installation, Ghost/Grove, at the True/False Festival in Columbia, MO. Noteworthy recent exhibitions include the LUMEN festival in NYC, the Visuals Film Festival, and RACC’s Night Lights at First Thursday in Portland, OR.

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