Either Into The Ether Or… | Will Bruno


October 3–30, 2013 | White Gallery

Reception: Thursday, October 3, 2013 | 5–8pm

It’s hard to find time to draw comics. It takes soo much of it. Just sitting there at a desk in your basement. The other day I was on break, taking a walk in my neighborhood, admiring my new pair of Blundstone boots I received for my birthday. Besides their comfort and protection, I am fond of their classic design. They have a simple construction. Ferdinand Hodler painted some handsome boots on carpenters and on a particular Young Freedom Fighter. If I could find a pair of boots like those, I’d buy them.

Did you know Winslow Homer was a special artist? Yep, he was sketching on the front lines in the Civil War. I bet he knew a thing or two about freedom.

I hear that they came out with a new Grand Theft Auto last week. When I was like 20, I moved to Mammoth, California to snowboard with some friends. I broke my collarbone in the first week and wound up stuck on my friend’s couch for a month playing that game. I swore off video games after that. Now I just do psychedelics. Just joking.

Will Bruno was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1981. He received an MFA in Contemporary Art Practices from Portland State University in 2012. He currently lives and works in Portland, OR