That Femmiliar Feeling | Cat Castle


That Femmiliar Feeling
Cat Castle

April 9 - 27, 2018

Reception: Friday, April 13, 6–9 PM

Curated by Alexandra Burnap

"Since the 2008 economic downturn, temporary do-it- yourself art galleries have proliferated in apartments, storefronts and other spaces all over the country. Call it a response to an art world in which dealer representation is increasingly hard to come by; exhibitions are costly; and formerly affordable areas…have priced out artists, forcing them to seek out scrappier locations in which to show their work. But these self-starting galleries also signify a growing effort by artists—both emerging and established—to find community in an increasingly stratified art world and to wrest control of their careers from the curators
and dealers who determine which works are seen. They are taking matters into their own hands by promoting and connecting with one another.”
—Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times, 3 July 2016

Littman + White Galleries are pleased to announce a pair of exhibitions for the North Portland art collective and home gallery, Cat Castle. White Gallery hosts "That Femmiliar Feeling", a collection of curated Cat Castle works meant to exhibit the artists’ individual styles and works, simultaneously calling attention to emerging parallels revealed in a gallery space akin to the traditional “white box.” Simultaneously, Cat Castle will exhibit additional works from the same collection, calling attention to how the viewing of art changes in relation to the space where it exhibits. The White Gallery’s opening reception is on Friday, April 13, 6–9 PM, where all artists will be present to discuss their works. The Cat Castle reception in North Portland will feature art, live music and karaoke, and runs Friday, April 13, 8:00–11:59 PM Light refreshments will be provided at both; Portland State University is a dry campus, Cat Castle in North Portland is BYOB.

That Femmiliar Feeling:

How does one build their own world within a world? Through meaningful connection we piece together an existence to propels us forward. This is the motivation behind the North Portland residential art space called Cat Castle, and its band of artists. Focusing on the feminine experience, nature and mythology, this collection of works shows the many faces of femme, and the range between artists who share a bond. It is those
connections and collaborations, that familiar feeling, that will create our own world within the art world.

Slightly lowbrow, and always independently hosted, Cat Castle Collective is a monthly space to exhibit new works from local artists such as the works shown in this series. We invite you to peer closer and see the lines that intersect and make this union unique. Cat Castle Collective is the artists Merry Jo Carter, J Simpson, Lily H. Valentine, Amy Woelbeast and Indigo Wren.

Merry Jo Carter

The work of Merry Jo Carter is an introspective look at the self through an unfiltered lens. This collection takes a look at our inner selves. What are your fears? Does it make you more courageous knowing what darkness you have faced? Are you enlightened now that you have faced your Earthly challenges? This series is based on these questions and invites the viewer to slow down and self-examine. To live presently can be a daunting task. This series is a representation of our truer selves and how, by calming the mind, we can evaluate our selves on a deeper level. "To change the world, we must change

J Simpson

Western society over-emphasizes the logical, rational; favoring straight lines and strict demarcations. But what of the in-between spaces & places, the subtle emotions, subtle
bodies? J Simpson hopes to inspire others to look for the liminal, to promote real understanding and empathy. He is a musician/artist/DJ/writer and critic, living and working in Portland, OR.

Lily H. Valentine

Always striving to turn the unturned stone and uncover hidden themes, Lily H. Valentine, aka H./Pink Gorgon, uses fine lines of ink, gouache and an odd juxtaposition of colors to create allegorical and dreamlike illustrations. Inspired by the feminine form, animal familiars, and subtle mutations, H. explores the possibilities that relate the surreal to the set-in-stone. The works shown in this series showcase the growth over a short amount of time and the hope for many new adventures ahead. The form it may bind us but the world is wide and we are endless.

Amy Woelbeast

The elusive Woelbeast uses a series of primitive and yet oddly charming clicks and grunts to communicate what her work means. Unfortunately, translation proves difficult at best, and the Woelbeast’s long, uninterrupted hibernation periods makes getting information out of them nearly impossible. Suffice it to say, their work is primarily based on animal dreams, prophetic tidings passed down by the old gods, and other assorted gobbledegook.

Indigo Wren

Phantasmagoria (noun)
a sequence of real or imaginary images like those seen in a dream.
These paintings showcase an attempt to relinquish control as an artist. By creating something full of "happy accidents" and cell patterns that are reminiscent of magnified cells, I find comfort and balance. Indigo Wren’s canvasses are a molecular kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and intricate textures. Indigo’s art speaks to an organic technology, where circuitry is indistinguishable from a cell sample; where nature’s hidden language whispers its secrets in colours, shapes, and textures.

Littman White