Pop | Jaik Puppyteeth


Jaik Puppyteeth

April 2 - 27, 2018

Reception: Friday, April 13, 6–9 PM

Curated by Andrew D. Jankowski

Pop is a new body of work stemming from its titular clown character, consisting of a graphic novel and sculptural latex work. Situated in the mid-1950’s, Pop questions life’s value and his own worth in a story of greed, predation, impulse, and naiveté.

The latex pieces are reminiscent of the 20th century phenomenon of merchandising comics that flooded children’s lives. Millions of low quality toys, baubles, and masks were available for the exchange of cereal box tops or at the bottom of a box of Cracker Jack provided the opportunity to join Dick Tracy’s Crimestopper Club or Orphan Annie’s Secret Society. In catalogs, one could buy head-to-toe branded Roy Rogers regalia, down to the fringed embroidered RR gloves and cap gun. Children could become their own heroes. Together the work is a synchronized satire of a desperate outsider’s interpretation of the American dream, and the gaudy remnants of saccharine 1950’s nostalgia.

Jaik Puppyteeth is an artist based in Vancouver, Canada. His work generally gives a cynical commentary on the nature of unfulfillment, and looks for levity in the ennui of existence. His illustration’s major themes critique societal presentation of mortality, sex, heteronormative family ideals, and childhood.

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