Rainbow Utopia | Prys


Rainbow Utopia

February 7 - March 2, 2018

Reception: Thursday, March 1, 6–9 PM

Curated by Jude Boatman

Rainbow Utopia invites its viewers to breathe in crystalline color and dream the possibility of a supremely liberated and ecstatic existence with no means of denying the despair in our universe, but with intention of instilling harmony and inspiration in it's midst. The photos are visions of an alternate (or future) human experience where the collective has evolved to honor all beings as divine and sacred. Prys' latest work illuminates uninhibited passion and spiritual sensuality, indulging the free moving spirit of sexuality where balance amongst the feminine and masculine is found and social normative formations of family, togetherness and gender are defied. It explores planetary prosperity through ideas of sacred science and human connection while immersing you in a prismatic, pastel paradise.

The featured models are all in spiritual connection to Prys in one way or another, as she strives to capture honest moments in dreamt up worlds with people who captivate her––a practice of communion and collaboration. She "paints” pictures by playing with vibrant, colorful light which she teases and bends to create hypnotizing and otherworldly characteristics, something that can be appreciated as a process of pure elation.

The future is Rainbow.

Prys is an award-winning "strippah", but more prudently, an artist and female photographer. She focuses on creating a body of work that's powerful, diverse, and "solid-fucking-intergalactic-gold". She has been an emotionally driven artist since she could breathe, and fortunate enough to study and create in many realms; fashion and costume, performance, paint, music, and now, photo! Being blessed with an earth-family of beautiful and diverse humans who allow her their time and presence as models has kept her constantly salivating to create in this artform. She desires that ultimately her work is a peaceful offering and loving ripple in the universe. As a highly sensitive empath, she experiences heavy emotions and is working to harness it as a talent, not a disability... Prys ensures that the space in front of her camera: is always a safe-zone, free of judgement––a space that cultivates magic and honors the processes of expression.

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