In Search of the Miraculous | Kunststudenten


Littman Gallery | October 4 - 27, 2017

Reception: Friday October 20, 2017 | 6 - 8pm

Curated by Jude Boatman

In Search of the Miraculous is the culminating exhibition of ten School of Art + Design students who travelled to Berlin in June with Professor Tia Factor for the study abroad course, Berlin: The Fall and Rise of an Art City. Prompted by the challenge to create a site responsive project based on their perceptions and experiences in Berlin, each student found a unique point of view that aligned with the visual research they had developed as art students back in Portland.

As a title, In Search of the Miraculous was selected by the students to represent a common experience they all shared as travelers. On a universal level, any trip abroad is a form of searching, a romantic longing for adventure and inevitably includes some challenges along the way. We willingly leave the known world in favor of the unknown only to have our worldviews gently nudged, at times aggressively altered, stretched, and shaped, by the disruption to our assumptions and routines.

Kunststudenten artists from the Portland State University School of Art + Design are Danielle Caramagna, Lauren Carmichael, Tanna TenHoopen Dolinsky, Karl Freitag, Jay Kathrens, Melissa McGhie, Auna Montgomery, Zoe Naimo, Hector Ornelas and Jackie Tran.