Drift Iteration Paths | MSHR


Littman Gallery | August 9–13, 2017

Reception: Sunday, August 13, 6–8 pm

MSHR’s Drift Iteration Paths is a macro-scale generative system, sculpted into a meditation labyrinth. The piece integrates light bulbs, analog circuitry and digitally designed sculptures to create a site-specific cybernetic composition. The composition unfolds sonically, visually and physically as visitors traverse the expanded circuit, which is laid out as a diagram of itself.

MSHR is the art collective of Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy. The duo meshes digital sculpture, analog electronics and ceremonial performance to create the meta-form that is their collaborative practice. MSHR emerged from the larger collective Oregon Painting Society in 2011. They currently have a virtual reality installation at MomaPS1, a sound piece at The Rubin Museum and an upcoming sculptural synthesizer installation at the Museum of Art and Design.

Drift Iteration Paths | MSHR appear as part of Converge 45.